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Chocolate Puma, Mike Cervello – You Are My Life




Chocolate Puma, Mike Cervello - You Are My Life
Chocolate Puma, Mike Cervello - You Are My Life cover track. 2020. Credits : Axtone Records

Back on Axtone with a new banger, the legendary Dutch duo Chocolate Puma brings Mike Cervello with them for Chocolate Puma, Mike Cervello – You Are My Life.

Once again it is with a piece of genius which comes to add to a collection of legendary pieces that Chocolate Puma comes out Chocolate Puma, Mike Cervello – You Are My Life in collaboration with Mike Cervello.

Epic track, it’s the perfect illustration of their unlimited talent, producing a track that blend old Chicago House music sounds with the energy and the emotion of today. Perfect track, it offers an unmatched melancholy & energy and that’s how we recognize the Chocolate Puma’ magic, it’s like their career – timeless – because after more than 20 years of career they are still at top, offering each year several songs to electronic music lovers from all over the world to dance and sing on.

When the years enhance the project

The artistic leg of the duo being so present that it’s difficult to know what Mike Cervello has brought to the project as the result is so far from what he had used to us so far with his previous tracks but if he has had the chance to share several studio sessions with Gaston and René that’s not a random move.

Make no mistake, this track is a collaboration, but the result is such that we can only want to listen to it over and over and over again and be amazed to discover every time a new of these little details which each time come to surprise us, and that’s what is surely also the excellence of the production carried out.

So jump on this track, download it and stream it because it’s pure magic, joy & happiness and that’s exactly what we need right now.

Released on Axtone Records, Chocolate Puma, Mike Cervello – You Are My Life is now available to downloadstreaming on legal plateforms.

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