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Mark Knight And Toolroom present “Odyssey” documentary




English DJ & Producer Mark Knight. 2017 - Credits : Mark Knight

“ODYSSEY – A Short Film About the Art of DJing” is a new short film featuring interviews from DJs and industry figures focussing on the art of the extended DJ set.

The project has been a labour of love and features some of the best DJs I know working today. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.
Odyssey features interviews from some of the world’s top DJs, specfificaly those known for playing extended sets, and is a fantastic insight into the mindset of playing all night long. I hope you enjoy it.
– Mark Knight

With more demand than ever for clubs and festivals to pack their line-ups with as many names as possible, the art of the extended set is in danger of being consigned to the history books. But as DJs and clubbers know, the extended set can often be where the greatest dancefloor stories unfold, and the most powerful and long-lasting impressions made.

DJing is about creating a journey; it’s about telling a story.  And to do that you need time.
– Roger Sanchez


Featuring interviews from some of the DJs and industry figures like Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Andy C and many more that fiercely champion the merits of playing all night long, “ODYSSEY – A Short Film About the Art of DJing” is a celebration of giving the music and the DJ room to breathe.

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