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Spotify redeems Mighty TV recommendation app




Spotify Stockholm headquarters. 2015 - Credits : Spotify (Getty Images)

The world leader in listening to streaming music is particularly interested by the advertising targeting algorithms developed by MightyTV.

Spotify wants to be even better in customizing ads targeting its users and to go further in this direction, the world’s first streaming music platform has just acquired the mobile application MightyTV which has been launched in 2015 and makes it possible to find the ideal program to watch streaming in a customized way, by “swiping” (dragging the index on the screen) to the right or the left in the manner of TinderMightyTV allows you to search for content from various services (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc.)

The unacknowledged objective of Bryan Adams’ recruitment

Spotify also had in the viewfinder the creator of the application, Brian Adams. Before MightyTV, the contractor worked at Google. He set foot in 2007 after he created (2007) an Internet advertising optimization platform, Admeld, bought in 2011 by the Mountain View company. The specialized media at the time referred to a $ 400 million deal.

The recommendation system that MightyTV has built is perfectly in line with our thinking about advertising technologies and marketing customization.

– Jason Richman, Spotify product manager

Spotify is doing a great job with the arrival of Brian Adams as vice president of technology. His team also joined him. MightyTV announced on its website that the application disappeared with their departure for Spotify. Now available in 60 countries, the Swedish streaming giant has exceeded the 50 million paying subscribers in early March and far ahead of Apple Music or Deezer.

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